I was in a relationship and had a good job. I ended up in an accident which meant I could not work and it did not take to long for things to tumble out of control. I had a mental breakdown which meant I lost my job and eventually I ended up homeless. I came to Raised Voices at first just to get out of the house and combat the isolation I felt by being on my own. I love being part of the group and I come to every group meeting. I have built friendships and I have become more confident as I am encouraged by Raised Voices and supported by them. Raised Voices encourage you to explore your thoughts and feelings and to express them without being judged. The projects we do relate to our personal experience we have in life both as an individual and as a group, which makes it personal for me and often cathartic. I have seen over time how new members to Raised Voices are quite withdrawn but being active members of Raised Voices they are encouraged to explore their talents and that is shared by the group.

When I started chatting in the group about wanting to get meaningful employment, Raised Voices offered me vital advice and support to help me. Raised Voices has been one of the best things I have ever done and I have a great time learning new things and building friendships and a support network. I always feel there is someone willing to listen to me if life is not going too well from week to week. Raised Voices does amazing work and I am very proud to be a part of it.


I have been coming to Raised Voices for nearly 3 years now. I enjoy meeting people and I find that taking part is boosting my confidence. I like helping other people in the group develop too. Raised Voices is very supportive and we all look out for each other and we have a strong bond. I feel I have developed skills whilst being part of the group and each project that I am involved with I am taking on larger parts and contributing more and more. Raised Voices has shown faith in me and inspired me and I now I want to inspire others with my actions. I look forward to working with Raised Voices in the future and pushing myself to greater achievements.