Raised Voices was set up in 2013 with the aim of providing creative writing and performance workshops for the homeless of Edinburgh. We strongly believe that through providing a platform where people can create, collaborate and express themselves it will enable the users of the service not only to integrate more with society, but also educate others through the telling of their stories.

The workshops will offer many forms of performance workshops. Such as sketch comedy, drama, podcasts, poetry and art. The goal is to create performances and exhibitions and present these through this website, live performances and social media. It is up to the users of the service what we create and it will be very much driven by them.

Another goal of the charity is to create a body of work that will allow us to organise a homeless festival to run alongside the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The users of the service will be integral in driving this and together we believe we can create something fantastic for the public of Edinburgh and also the millions of visitors to the city during the festival.

Please contact us with any queries, ideas or suggestions you have. Thank you very much for dropping by.